Here's a preview of the latest machine launched by Indentec and available soon from UK Calibrations & Hardness Products.

The new ZHR8150CLK “Universal” Rockwell hardness tester features closed loop force control, and is capable of far more tests than a traditional Rockwell device, including:

  • Rockwell testing of metals - Rockwell and superficial Rockwell to ISO 6508 and ASTM E18
  • Ball indentation and Rockwell testing of plastics - ISO 2039-1, ISO 2039-2 and ASTM D785 (A & B)
  • Rockwell testing of carbonaceous materials - DIN 51917
  • Residual indentation of laminate floor coverings - ISO 24343-1

The new ZHR8150CLK is a direct replacement for the 3106 for all of the above test methods and it combines the advantages of closed loop force control with the Indentec nose mounted indenter to allow access into awkward to reach test points.

 The new instrument offers opportunities in new market sectors and industries:

  •  Applications which call for a closed loop Rockwell system,
  •  Opportunities for testing plastics samples using the ball indentation method,
  •  Testing carbon products, for example, the electrical motor sector and
  •  Testing laminate floor coverings

Please contact Mark Deven for more information.