Patent of Rockwell machine 1919

Hugh Rockwell and Stanley Rockwell were granted a patent for the Rockwell hardness tester on February 11th 1919, a device for measuring the resistance of metallic materials to force. At the time both men worked for the New Departure Company and although they shared the Rockwell name, they were not related.  The company was a major manufacturer of ball bearings and later became part of General Motors.

The latest UKAS Accreditation (see here on the UKAS website.) Includes new Vickers micro-hardness scales of HV0.05 and HV0.025 as well as Knoop at HK0.05 and HK0.025 making UK Calibrations only a handful of companies able to calibrate at these loads.

With micro-hardness becoming more common for the testing of alloys and resins UK Calibrations has the capability and is equipped to calibrate your equipment at these new low scales.

One of the commonest requests we get is "We've lost our certificate, we have an audit, could you please send us a copy?"  We have always been happy to do this (even if it meant looking back over many years with only a serial number and a vague date :)  But how much better would it be if you, the customer, had 24/7 access to your certificates on our database?  The UK Calibrations Document Vault allows you to do just that, better still the service is free of charge (Terms and conditions apply).

 Universal hardness tester for instrumented indentation tests

Instrumented indentation, also known as depth-sensing indentation or nano-indentation, is an increasingly popular method of measuring the mechanical response of a wide range of materials.

You've spent hours on the 'net researching the hardness testing system for your needs, you've perused the spec sheets and probably even spoken to a few distributors,   If only you could take a few of your samples and spend time making sure the kit will do exactly what you want. 

Hardness Test Block from UK Calibrations

UK Calibrations can now supply a full range of standard test blocks supplied with a UKAS accredited calibration certificate.  If your requirements are not covered by our standard range,  We can also supply custom made reference hardness blocks from material you supply.

Heat treating is a group of industrial and metalworking processes used to alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, properties of a material. The most common application is the heat treatment of metals. Heat treatment involves the use of heating (or chilling), normally to extreme temperatures, to achieve a specific result such as hardening or softening of a material.