Hardness Test Block from UK Calibrations

UK Calibrations can now supply a full range of standard test blocks supplied with a UKAS accredited calibration certificate.  If your requirements are not covered by our standard range,  We can also supply custom made reference hardness blocks from material you supply.


Scale   Scale Range   Certification
Rockwell (HR)   A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,K,L
  ISO 6508-3, ASTM E18
Vickers (HV)   0.010 - 100   ISO 6507-3, ASTM E384
Knoop (HK)   0.010 - 1   ISO 4545-3
Brinell (HB)   1/1 - 10/3000   ISO 6506-3, ASTM E10


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