UK Calibrations Limited are a UKAS accredited Laboratory, 0201, authorised to carry out UKAS verification to the latest BS EN ISO requirements on : Vickers (Vickers hardness test and low load Vickers hardness test), Rockwell, Rockwell superficial and Brinell hardness testing machines.

Full service backup for all makes and models of hardness testing equipment is provided by UK Calibrations and includes training, calibration, field service, in house repairs and as much advice and help as you require. Our UKAS approved engineers are based throughout the UK, which means a quick response should problems arise. UK Calibrations' engineers have  a wealth of experience between them and access to original Vickers parts if needed.

We are able to calibrate your equipment to the following standards,

  • Rockwell  to  BS EN ISO 6508:2015 and ASTM E18-19 
  • Vickers to BS EN ISO 6507:2005, ASTM E92-17 and ASTM E384-16
  • Knoop to BS EN ISO 4545:2005, ASTM E92-17 and ASTM E384-16
  • Brinell to BS EN ISO 6506:2018 and ASTM E10-17

You may opt for UKAS certification with the above standards.

We are also able to calibrate portable, Leeb and Shore testers, contact us for more details.

Should you require a competitive quotation for the service, UKAS verification or upgrade to the latest BS EN ISO requirements of your hardness testing machines please contact us.


UK Calibrations have been serving the hardness testing sector for over 30 years and pride ourselves on the breadth of experience and range of equipment we cover. So the answer to your question, "Can you calibrate or service my machine?" is almost certainly yes.

Here's a list of manufacturers equipment we have calibrated and serviced in the last year!

  • Affri
  • Akashi
  • Albert Gnehm
  • Ames
  • AMH
  • Anton Parr
  • Avery
  • Brooks
  • Buehler
  • Coates
  • CV Instruments
  • Emco
  • Equotip
  • Ernst
  • Eseway
  • Fine
  • Foundrax
  • Future-Tech
  • G & R Technology
  • Galileo
  • GE - Krautkramer
  • Highwood
  • Hilight
  • Incotest
  • Innovatest
  • Insize
  • Instron
  • Instrumatic
  • King
  • Laizhou Weiyi
  • Larson
  • Laryee
  • Leco
  • Leica
  • Leitz
  • Matsuzawa
  • Mecmesin
  • Metkon
  • Misawa Seiki
  • Mitutoyo
  • Newage
  • Nexus
  • Olympus
  • Oxford Instruments
  • Qness
  • Reicherter
  • Rockford Rams
  • Rockwell
  • Shimadzu
  • Sinowon
  • Struers
  • Time
  • TTS Unlimited
  • United Testing Systems
  • Vickers
  • Wilson
  • Wolpert
  • Zwick Roell Indentec


if yours isn't listed, give us a call, if we can't help, we will likely know someone who can.

 The names of manufacturers are used to identify the manufacturers supported by UK Calibrations and Service are the trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.  Inclusion here does not imply any other relationship with the manufacturer.

UK Calibrations Limited can supply you with all your UKAS accredited Indenter requirements.

All indenters supplied by UK Calibrations Limited will meet the latest UKAS requirements for BS EN ISO and ASTM requirements as well as conforming to current EU and US conflict mineral legislation.

To maintain the high levels of accuracy in performing a hardness test, the indenter must have known geometrical and performance parameters; there is no substitute.

Please contact us for more information


Overview of Hardness Testing machines from UK Calibrations

Zwick Roell Indentec is a highly respected, worldwide manufacturer of hardness testing machines, used to determine the hardness of metals, alloys, small precision parts, wire and plastics ranging from the softest bearing materials to the hardest steel. Their equipment is used extensively in heat treatment analysis and by the automotive, aerospace and transport equipment industries.

UK Calibrations Limited can supply you with all your UKAS accredited reference hardness block requirements.

All reference hardness blocks supplied by UK Calibrations Limited will meet the latest UKAS requirements for BS EN ISO and ASTM requirements

All reference hardness blocks are manufactured in Britain and are all supplied with traceable UKAS certification.

Custom made reference hardness blocks can be produced from material you supply, to meet any individual product checks you may require.

Please contact us for more information.