Overview of Hardness Testing machines from UK Calibrations

Zwick Roell Indentec is a highly respected, worldwide manufacturer of hardness testing machines, used to determine the hardness of metals, alloys, small precision parts, wire and plastics ranging from the softest bearing materials to the hardest steel. Their equipment is used extensively in heat treatment analysis and by the automotive, aerospace and transport equipment industries.

Zwick Roell Indentec products conform to international standards under ISO and ASTM and are CE marked.

UK Calibrations can specify and supply Vickers, Knoop, Rockwell, Brinell and Universal models as well as a range of portable hardness testing machines, provide a wide range of service, support and calibration contracts, tailored to suit your situation. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

From 2017, with the appointment of Mark Deven, UK Calibrations & Hardness Products will be the focus for Zwick Roell Indentec Hardness machines in the UK.