With events relating to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) changing daily, we are continuing to monitor developments regarding the outbreak and taking necessary steps in line with the World Health Organisation, NHS and government guidance.

Here are our objectives and how we plan to meet them:

Preventing the spread of infection

Our staff are UK based, do not travel internationally and follow all the current UK legislation and NHS guidelines including hand-washing, travel and social distancing.

We will accommodate your health and safety rules, for example, concerning cross-shift working or temperature scans.

Our service engineers are, and have always been, home based. Our office staff are following all NHS guidelines for safe working.

Maintaining our service

UK Calibrations' customers include some of the most important infrastructure and engineering companies in the UK. These companies ensure that we have heat, light and transport. We are committed to ensuring their continued operation by maintaining our services, even in such trying times as these.

UK Calibrations has always had a distributed structure, our engineers are home based and our IT systems are tried and tested. As a result we are a resilient and flexible company, for example, as currently there are no hotels available, we are able to schedule two engineers to cover what would have been a two-day job in a single day.

Supporting our customers

We are able to continue to provide support and training in all aspects of our business and are able to assist you in whatever you need to reconfigure your business to meet current needs. For example moving equipment between sites or recalibrating your existing machines to cover other work.

We would like to assure you that we at UK Calibrations are paying the utmost attention to this situation and are making every effort to maintain smooth business operations with our customers and partners locally to minimise the impact of the Coronavirus as much as possible.

Please contact Jo or Niki on 01562 822924 if you need further information.