The Vicker HTM and Dynascope

The Vickers Pyramid Hardness Testing Machine (also known as the model VHTM 2000) was designed and developed by the Vickers company to be the standard instrument to perform the Vickers Hardness Test. It is testimony to its design and construction that so many of them are still in use today in the worlds' most successful automotive and aerospace companies. It was manufactured by Vickers Engineering Group, Container and package machinery division at the Vickers-Armstrongs Crayford works in Kent.

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The model shown here was fitted with a dynascope in place of the original microscope. This was also fitted with a Veeder Root measuring device which allowed the readings to be converted into HV by a DRO (a Digital Read Out) and later the PC based CRO (Computer Read Out)

Vickers hardness testing machine the VHTM2000The Vickers Pyramid Hardness Testing Machine was built to be a scientific instrument, using machine tool principles and capable of both workshop and laboratory application.

Indeed many of these machines are situated in dirty, dusty, foundry environments, and thanks to their dust-proof construction, survive and give good service.

The original Vickers Pyramid Hardness Testing Machine had many optional extras including low tables for very large pieces, and a special mount to indent gear teeth. There was even an accumulator option for machines without access to ac mains.

We have scanned some of the original manuals and they are available for you to download. The Vickers HTM catalogue and instructions booklet is a general introduction to the Vickers Pyramid Hardness Testing Machine and the available options and gives brief operating instructions. The working instructions for Vickers HTM is a much more in-depth document, covering the unpacking and setting up of the machine as well as detailed instruction on usage.

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